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It’s relatively short, but full of experiences, joy and fun that comes from creating Emu-yachting brand by the sailors, for sailors!

Seriously! We are learning and experiencing the sea and charter sailboats all over the world for over 30 years. It’s an important factor for us that our team actively sails, it allows us to fully understand the needs of our clients.

Loads of sun, warm turquoise bays and fairy calm sea, are only the beginning of what Croatia has to offer. Breathtaking islands and picturesque shores are ideal for relaxation and spending unforgettable time. Rich cultural heritage of Croatia and undeniable hospitality of the locals will captivate You and your crew and perhaps will build unexpected life long friendships.

We are here to help You create the dream holiday – starting from selection of the vessel, airport transfers, helping to plan Your sailing literary and finding a skipper that perfectly fits Your needs and vibe. With us your holiday time will be Powered by fun !

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Short Story of Long Way

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See what our development looked like to this day


The beginnings…

Exactly 30 years ago the adventure, that continues till this very moment, started. Arkadiusz Malicki, the Godfather of Emu Yachting commenced the journey of sail training. The origin of the idea was born in the South-western region of Poland, Świdnica, therefore the natural path was Baltic Sea. That’s where najachty.pl brand was born, the foundation was laid for what we are creating today.


The experience and expansion

Late 90´s and the beginning of the new Millennium was a wonderful time to start and develop any business in Poland. It wasn’t any different in sailing world. First 10 years were, above all, getting the experience and expanding into seas across Europe and beyond. Growing count of organised sailing trips, always increasing group of interesting people and happy clients. All that let to natural expansion into charter company and sail trains centre.


Najachty.pl - Welcome Onboard

Year 2007 was a breakthrough in perception of sailing world, in the business part as in the lifestyle categories. najachty.pl brand was created, which is actively working now and creates all included charter services for clients around the world. It is organises around 300 sailing events and charters a year. It only gets better. Through the perspective of sail training we understand that quality is the founding feature of every sailing experience. It was time to look beyond the boundaries of one country… 


Sailing, Training, Never ending

Following 10 years was time to find our place on the market. The dynamic expansion slowed down, it presented us the difficulties and tricks related to organising sailing events around the planet. Many times we hit the wall, tripped over challenging details, yet we never gave up. The time was fruitful, we started cooperation with big corporate brands, that were interested in organising outstanding and fun company events around sail boats. It was a sweet spot. Our brand accelerated. Croatia appeared in the eye sight.


Hatching of Emu and Covid drama…

This year, especially the end of the season is something everyone will remember. It was a breakthrough for us. We initiated a collaboration with the marina in Croatia and we took two vessels into charter management. Exited we strike into the idea, the end of the year was a bucket of cold icy water straight into face. Everyone know how that ended. We slowed down our progress due the world pandemic. So now what ? It turned out better than expected !


Stormy Times

There isn’t much to say… The world wasn’t kind to us neither. It wasn’t easy to achieve proper space to grow in Croatia. In the meantime we wanted to keep the spirits up of all the people that followed us, we created an additional communication platform: narejsy.pl. It was a hit, it led to another change of ideas and approach. We moved to the new marina! Look what turned out !


Marina Jezera - Welcome to!

The beginning of March was the best start of the season ever. After massive changes we started growing strong roots in a picturesque town of Jezera. We started to feel the potential. We started to create connection with the local community. We understood the Mediterranean mind set and life style. We invite You to our chill out zone and to explore what adventure we have to offer. See you in the marina and at sea !

A safe vacation is essential!

Trust the Professionals

Our team is deeply engaged and helpful. We do our best to approach every client personally to create and individual and unique experience. We guarantee support in all cases. We assist in planing the route minding weather and local conditions. We provide all the pro tips regarding best sea food restaurants and cutest bays.

We have been working together for quite a few years. You can trust us on this.

Karol Tabiś

rok urodzenia: 1987 posiadane uprawnienia i licencje: Jachtowy Sternik Morski, licencja VHF SRC doświadczenie i poznane akweny: początkujący zawadiaka uwielbiający Chorwację zainteresowania: żeglarstwo, dobra zabawa i świetne towarzystwo 😉 Kontakt: +44 07468278499 / karol.tabis@gmail.com

Konrad Jan Malicki

rok urodzenia: 1991 posiadane uprawnienia i licencje: Jachtowy Sternik Morski doświadczenie i poznane akweny: Chorwacja, Bałtyk, żegluję od 3 roku życia 😉 zainteresowania: żeglarstwo, muzyka, mechanika samochodowa, drift, gaming Kontakt: +44 72624748 / konrad.jan.malicki@gmail.com

Tomasz Kaczmarek

rok urodzenia: 1980 posiadane uprawnienia i licencje: Jachtowy Sternik Morski, Motorowodny Sternik Morski, licencja VHF SRC – RYA doświadczenie i poznane akweny: Chorwacja, Bałtyk, Morze Północne zainteresowania: żeglarstwo, nurkowanie, sporty walki Kontakt: +44 7375423199 / 3kyu@op.pl

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